Urban Contemporary Gospel Artist Tre Nelson has Gospel music in his blood.  As the son of two worship leaders, one would think that the singer and songwriter would be walking in the exact same footsteps as his parents.  But as part of a new generation, he found that choir music and praise and worship wasn’t his cup of tea.  He realized that his affinity was for the urban grooves of R&B styled music so he set out to create something unique for his generation.  He calls it “Gospel/R&B”.  His new style of inspirational music has caught fire, generating thousands of downloads and over a million YouTube hits, all from his debut release.  That same spark is front and center on his sophomore CD, Parachute.  Flaunting the urban stylings he loves and the passionate Christian message he lives, he is setting a new standard in inspirational music.  


A prime example is the brand new lead single, “Brave”, from Parachute.  Already embraced by Gospel radio, the mid-tempo track displays the many talents of the Dallas, TX-bred singer and songwriter.  His recent successes aren’t surprising considering the fact that he grew up in church.  He took to music quickly, learning the violin and piano at a young age.  With the encouragement and influence of his parents, he was constantly surrounded by Gospel music.  He got his first taste of the spotlight when his father pulled him on stage to sing with him.  

Once he entered college, he was exposed to mainstream music, something that was a no-no when he was growing up.  “When I was on my own, I started to do what I wanted to do and act the way I wanted to act,” Tre recalls.  “I know that the music I was listening to was starting to influence me in a negative way.  I saw character changes within myself.”

Ultimately, he got back on track, but the sound and the vibe of urban music was still a part of him.  It was at that point that he decided to create music with the sound he loved. But he also wanted to create music with biblically-based and positive lyrics that would “speak truth and light”.  He says, “So I began to dabble in music as an artistic outlet. And that ‘dabbling’ grew into songwriting, then producing, then releasing my own album.”  The result was Not Ashamed, his debut record, which dropped in 2010.  He was pleasantly surprised at the overwhelming response. He received thousands of downloads and 1.5 million YouTube views.

Years later, he is following up his debut with Parachute.  His second release picks up where the debut left off.  Tre Nelson tackles tough topics and riveting subject matter in the new release.  Throughout the 13 cuts of R&B, pop, dance and neo soul-influenced tracks, he provides inspiration and guidance using real-life encounters.  Songs like the lead single, “Brave”, have the singer recounting issues of abandonment and generational curses and “I’m Going Home” talks about sexual temptation.  Other powerful tracks include “Virtuous”, “Take Away The Noise” and “Life Of The Party”.  Well-penned songs and excellently-produced tracks fill the CD.  With each song, there is a spiritual point he conveys to the listener.  What makes Tre’s approach so unique is that he inspires without sounding preachy; he uplifts without giving a sermon.  It’s the exact approach needed to reach the lost of this era.  

His heart for those who are broken or in need has inspired him to volunteer his time for organizations such as Junior Achievement, Integrity Mentors and The Barack Obama Leadership Academy.  These opportunities have given him a chance to give back and are just an extension of his music ministry.  For Tre, it’s not about making hit records – although he has a number of them on Parachute – but it’s all about sharing a message.  He says, “My album’s unique R&B / pop style combines with an uncompromising message that points people toward Christ. I hope that this project blesses people all over the world.”  

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