1. With Christ

From the recordings Not Ashamed and Not Ashamed (2010)

Featuring: April Mason


(Produced by illoquint, written by L. Wilder)

Verse 1 (Tre’ Nelson)

Its round two, I never thought I would see you again
But I knew, the first time we should’ve just grew as friends
But thing got so serious so fast
Why did we rush?
I’m looking back, it’s so clear why we didn’t last


Temptations we faced, made it hard to stay true
We both changed our ways, now that God’s first I wanna get back with you
This time, with Christ, we can, do it right
This time, with Christ, we can, do it right

Verse 2 (April Mason)

We were blown and tossed, by the wind, we had never used wisdom
We would pray, go to church, but we didn’t walk with Him
I think we’re supposed to be, together
With God we can abstain, so when the seasons change
We can stand the weather
( Tre’ )
Girl I, respect you so much, you’re much more than a touch
I just wanna live right
( April )
Boy I want the best for us
You deserve my purest love, day and night



( Tre’ ) No matter what
( April ) Let’s put God before us
(Tre’ ) Yes there’s a right way to show it
( April ) But nothing’s wrong with love