From the recordings Not Ashamed and Not Ashamed (2010)


(Produced by Jason Nelson & illoquint, written by L.Wiler)


Don't ever let it fade
Whether the sky is blue or gray
I know its hard to shine when the suns gone
But just don't let it fade away

Verse 1

You made it to a place where the pains erased
Seemed like there's no struggle there
But you were in a bubble yeah
You had to breathe, you had to trust
So you stepped outside your comfort zone
You knew you'd never be alone
But then the trials came like a roaring wind
Temptation like the rain started pouring in
Got harder finding ways to ignore the sin
Don't let it fade your light within


Verse 2

He’s really with you on this walk just be patient
Although many times He just won’t hold your hand
Just take one step at a time and don’t be anxious
Receive that peace that surpasses all you understand
So when the trials come you can have control
His Word will keep you warm even in the cold
Don’t keep waiting for a light that may never show
Let Him illuminate your soul


You are the light of the world
Don’t ever let it fade