1. Mirror

From the recordings Not Ashamed and Not Ashamed (2010)


(Produced by Jason Nelson & illoquint, written by L. Wilder)


Lord I just want to grow, I offer up my heart my mind
Your love is worth much more, I don’t need to waste my time
Looking for a situation as good as this
Better than a first love, better than a first kiss
Let me be a mirror, a reflection of you
Refection of you, a reflection of you

Verse 1

When I was young loving you was oh so simple
Trust in you, read my word, respect my temple
When I got older everything got complicated
Needless to say, life without you is overrated
It’s crazy, somehow I never forgot that 1 +1 = 2
It’s Amazing, that I searched the world when I was already complete in you
I’m so thankful that you kept me through my circumstance (And you never let me go)
And It’s only cause of you I have another chance


Verse 2

Now I’m at a place of change
And I’m kinda nervous
I don’t wanna let you down, just wanna fulfill my purpose
Every bit of love. Every bit of peace
Every time that you, have forgiven me
That’s how I wanna be, Lord I just wanna be used
And I will do what you tell me to lord I live for you
I surrender my all, so that you can have your way