1. Guide Me

From the recordings Not Ashamed and Not Ashamed (2010)


(Produced by illoquint, written by Trey Grant)

Verse 1

Guide me with your eyes, so I can see you face to face and realize
The calling that you have for me, as I draw nigh
To you and you to me, So that I can see cause now I’m blind
Do you mind?


I hope you don’t mind, if I return
Return, back to my first love
All I yearn for is you

Verse 2

I’m tired of, my flesh getting the best of me
Cause I’m above, the tactics of the enemy
And I’m free, because I know, It’s all because of love
For you I’ll look… (Like an author searches for his pen)
For you I’ll look… (Like a treasure hunter searches for his gem)
For you I’ll look… (Like a fallen soldier searches for his men)
I can’t make without you lord, I surrender to you once again


I can learn, How to trust
If you just teach me, How you love
I will never leave your side again
I’ll discern, The right way
If you just lead me, everyday
And I’ll never try to hide again