1. Bad Days

From the recordings Not Ashamed and Not Ashamed (2010)


(Produced by illoquint, written by L. Wilder)

Verse 1

I love when it rains, because
Without it I, Might not appreciate the sun
The flowers wouldn’t bloom, the trees wouldn’t have shade
If they never felt the rain


When your above the clouds, someone needs to see you
And when you hit the ground, someone there will need you
Yes I’m saying you will have some glad days
And you will have some sad days
But God ain’t make no bad days, cause everyday you can give life

Verse 2

Everyone feels pain, But
Sometimes it’s, for somebody else to see
That you will make it through, and they’ll be inspired by you
What a great thing
There’s nothing greater, than to praise him while, he takes his child, through tests and trials
It’s in his nature, to let grace abound, erase your frown, and make you smile
Trusts your creator, and take the plow, don’t turn around, down break your vow
You’ll get his favor, don’t look down, persevere, get your crown


He’ll Say: When I was hungry, you fed me because you fed one another
He’ll Say: When I had no clothes, you dressed me because you dressed one another
He’ll Say: When I was locked up, you saw me because you say each other
He’ll Say: When I was a stranger, you let me in