From the recordings Not Ashamed and Not Ashamed (2010)

By: Sean Goode


Written by: Sean Goode

Raindrops hit against the glass
Staring out the window gazing at my past
Looking for my future, hidden in the grass
Waiting for the season when the first is not the last
When flowers start to grow and these seeds that have been sewn
Become the apple of my eye; Sun is shining in the sky
My joy will arrive and dry the moisture from these eyes
I will see again, purpose from within
Greater is He in this I must believe
The reason I will live, this grace I’ve received
In the clouds, on the ground in His hand I’ll be found
I know now there will be some glad days; there will be some sad days
But God aint made no bad days. So trust me, everyday, everyday, you can give life