1. Daily

From the recordings Not Ashamed and Not Ashamed (2010)

Featuring: Jordan Frescher


(Produced by Jason Nelson & illoquint, written by L. Wilder & Jordan Frescher)

Verse 1

I know I’m perfectly designed
To do all of the things that you want me to
But it feels like such a crime
I still don’t put all my trust in you
I found out, it’s true
I still doubt you
I know I’m trying to do everything on my own
I don’t deserve for this to work out
No I don’t but, if you let me I’ll


I’ll pick up my cross and I’ll follow
I know if I fall there’s tomorrow x2

Something about these gifts
Something about these talents
There not mine, I know there meant
To be tools, to be used, to give you all the Glory

Verse 2

You’re so patient and so kind
I know that I have got a long way, to trust
Everything I’ve got is from my grind
I don’t sleep at night
Success is on my mind
And everybody thinks I’m doing fine
But this is so much bigger than anything that I can do alone


Verse 3

Check my Design
Aint it perfect?
Look at how I shine
Aint it worth it?
I got them tools
I use my talents
At time I see saul
But don't Lose my Balance
Tre cuz, look how far we came up
Both ran track now back on tracks
Put Sin on the rack, Liftin the name up
Took up my cross gave the game back
Sin no Tax I'll claim that
I filed that ez, see me
U can find where the lames at
J Christ bro where James at
Fruit I loom like a hanes ad
Christ I'm Gone follow, I know
It aint no thang could change that