1. Brave

From the recording Brave Single (2014)

Debut single from the highly anticipated album - Parachute!

Coming Soon!


Beat by: Illoquint
Written by: Lawrence Wilder / Tre Nelson

Verse 1
My daddy said, don't do as I do but as I say
It's funny how I end up doing exactly the same things
And momma said, it's okay we don't need him anyway
And now I have a son that rarely sees my face

It's generational, apples of a family tree
Don't be afraid to fall, inside you is a brand new seed
You never told me to run, that why I'm going to stay
And wear the armor of God
Every soldier gotta be brave, be brave, be brave
And now that I'm on the front line
I can't be wasting any time to be brave

Verse 2
Grandma said, she don't even know where grandpa is
Cause when she got pregnant, he said he didn't want any kids
(My mother, poor mother)
So my momma never had a dad to show her how a man should treat her
(One after another)
With God I can break this curse and my son can become a leader


A soldier on the front line, so I gotta be brave
Lord I'm so afraid to die, But I know I need to change
You showed me my heart, And I hate what I see
The future of my family, Depends on me